Management of the contracts

Closing of the contracts is demanding in the area of the human resources. Our office provides the documents for more then 2000 contracts over  9 years and developed an unique system which improves the efficiency and the quality of the layouts.

The system is designed for variable setting of the contractual relationships in different alternatives and variants, with respecting the individual requests and needs of the client.

The system disposes f.e. with the following functions:

– instructions for the office
– sharing of the tasks for effective control of the tasks
– preparing of the contractual documents in unlimited extent and variants in short time set by the client
– final wording of the documents with cryptography PDF files for originality certification
– archiving of all layouts of the Office in shared space with fast selecting

The aim of our service is preparing of the documents without mistakes and defects in very reasonable time period.

The repayment of the Office is set according to the amount and character of the contractual acts and can be set also as a package price for better cost- control.