The statistics say that 30% of the businessmen observes the adequate financial cash flow as the biggest challenge of the firm prosperity.

The effective administration and enforcement of the obligation is therefore the key presumption for the success in this area.

Our office realizes administration and the enforcement of more than 2000 obligations in the volume more than 1,5 Mil. EUR monthly and has developed the unique system which helps to achieve the intended goals.

The system works differently from the classic systems individually with the possibility of the interactive instructions of the client.

The processes are set in particular for the support of the business partners by the settlement so that they obtain everything necessary for payment and their objection could be handled in the very short time.

System disposes f.e. with the following functions:

report of the debts status
– regular and highly professional communication with the debtor so that the business relations are not endangered
– interactive instructions of the client
– regular support and administration of the debts
– shared communication with the clients
– fast and effective acting in the judicial, executive, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings
– archiving and fast searching in the databases, sharing the system with the client

The main aim of the service is elimination of the debts before the default exceeds the admissible period and very fast execution in the other case.