Drawing up and commenting of the contracts, termination of contracts

Standardized legal services include drafting and reminding the contract as well as terminating it on the basis of the criteria you specify. In particular, we will develop standard types of contracts in the following mode:

civil law: for example, contract purchase / rental, rent, donation, commission, loan, rent, installment, layout, creation or licensing of the and others according to your needs

commercial law: for example, a purchase contract, a license agreement, a contract for a contract, a mediation agreement, a mandate, a commercial representation, a shipment, a commission, a silent community and others according to your needs.

labor law: for example work agreement, brigade agreement In the case of contract remarks, we review the proposal and inform the client of the following:

(a) compliance of the provisions of the contract with the applicable law of the Slovak Republic
(b) the legal status (benefit / disadvantage) of the client in the contract
(c) the risks associated with the conclusion of the contract
(d) review inappropriate and supplement the appropriate provisions of the contract in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the client

Business companies

We offer our clients the opportunity to solve online as well as the problems of companies such as establishing a business company, making changes, submitting proposals for a commercial register electronically where the fee is significantly reduced, or preparing decisions in the company.

Divorce, settlement of BSM and adjustment of relationships to minors

One of the most frequent proceedings that is dealt with and decided by the courts is the divorce proceedings and the adjustment of the rights and obligations of parents to minors as well as the settlement of unmarried co-ownership of spouses. This procedure is necessary to initiate in cases where the marriage is permanent and seriously disrupted, and it is necessary to divorce and modify parental rights and obligations towards the child, in particular to decide on his confinement, nutrition and contact.


In everyday life, situations happen where it is necessary to protect their rights through judicial proceedings. That’s why our service also provides you with the ability to develop simpler types of court filing without personally consulting your client, and thus effectively put your side to it. Our clients use this service in particular for the recovery of claims – a proposal for a payment order, but also civil, administrative, labor and commercial law.

Proposals for execution

In the law enforcement process, we provide assistance so authorized in the rapid recovery of his claim as well as in the case of the lawful violation of his rights, violation of his rights or lack of legal awareness and certainty.

Administrative proceedings

In addition to court proceedings in private or commercial areas, it is necessary to communicate and enforce the rights to state administration and self-government bodies where, due to the complexity of some areas, attorney at Law assistance can make a significant contribution to an effective solution to your problem, saving time and costs.

Labor law

We help you solve problems in the labor law, especially issues related to the creation, alteration or termination of employment, out-of-employment agreements, damages, and other areas regulated by the Labor Code.

Opinions, legal analyzes and other legal advice

The processing of the analysis and the opinion should lead in particular to the assessment of your legal situation as a prerequisite for clarifying the legal problem, the possibilities of its solution and the ways in which you can protect your rights and the protected interests

Criminal complaint

If you believe that a crime has been committed, you can file a criminal complaint. A crime is an offense if it has the features listed in the Criminal Code. Depending on the severity and severity, we distinguish between offenses and crimes. Every crime committed by negligence is a crime. Criminal offenses must be distinguished from offenses whose hazard and severity are lower than criminal offenses