Remuneration for legal services online

The Attorney at Law’s fee is regulated by the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic no. 655/2004 on the fee and compensation of lawyers for the provision of legal services. The exact amount of fee in a particular legal matter depends, in particular, on the complexity and nature of the legal problem as well as on the number and nature of the acts in the matter.

In the case of providing regular counseling in the specified volume for an agreed period of time, we provide a flat-rate form of reward. We determine the height based on the agreed criteria, in particular the type and scope of the services provided.

The legal service fee is always notified to the client in advance by our office in advance within a few hours (8.00 am to 5.00 pm on business days) from the delivery or adding case. The client will confirm the binding order and the agreement to provide legal services between the law firm and the client by payment of the legal service fee. The order is a binding time for payment of the legal service fee to the bank account of our law firm, which will be notified to the client by e-mail.