Step-by-step procedure

1. In the electronic form below or directly on our e-mail, please provide identification data and / send a brief description of the factual situation and your questions.

2. If the assessment of a document (eg a contract, an action) is necessary or is necessary for the assessment of the facts, please e-mail the

3. within 24 hours, we will notify you by e-mail of the time needed to process the assignment, usually 1- 3 business days, the attorney at law’s fee for legal service, payment details and, if necessary, supplementary questions.

4. After payment of the bank transfer payment, the order is binding and the delivery period for the legal service in which you receive the payment is due. In the case of additional questions, we will provide them without delay unless they exceed the scope of the order under a binding order.

5. We will send you an inspected contract or contract with your comments on your request, as well as possible answers to your supplementary questions