Conditions of cooperation

By completing and submitting the form, the Client agrees to these online legal terms and conditions:

1  The law firm will provide the service only if it has completed and true informations about the case. The client will provide the law office with additional information and necessary co-operation if necessary. The legal question must be clear and comprehensible.

2  The law firm’s service will be provided electronically by sending an e-mail to a valid e-mail address. In the case of non-delivery of email to the client, the e-mail address given to this attorney does not match.

3  The right of the client to provide the service accrue on the date of delivery of the required legal service fee , including VAT, to the bank account of the law firm. To each legal service will be given a regular tax receipt, which will be sent to the client within 14 days of the date of the service being delivered electronically or to the postal address given to it.

4  The law firm is responsible for online legal advice provided with professional care and in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic and the client’s instructions. The Client acknowledges that a law firm is entitled to receive and process personal data by copying, scanning or otherwise recording official documents on the information carrier without the consent of the person concerned under the Law on Advocacy. The law firm is obliged to keep confidential all the information that is learned from clients.

5  Law firm is insured for damage caused by the exercise of attorneys’ profession up to a minimum of 3 million EUR.

6  The legal service fee will be determined taking the nature and complexity of the case, and the client will agree with the amount by payment.

7  The law firm is entitled to publish selected answers to anonymous legal questions on selected issues of wider or public interest unless the client specifies otherwise.

8  Copyright by providing a legal service solely for the personal use of the client is unaffected and without the prior written consent of the law firm their publication and any further distribution or reproduction prohibited.