Amendment to the Waste Act

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Amendment to the Waste Act

Compared to the current state of the amendment, it brings positive changes for small businesses. So far they have been considered as producers of packaging and non-packaging products, for example, because they have sold their bags to the customer or printed an advertising flyer.

These entrepreneurs must register with the Ministry, conclude a repayment contract with the waste company, keep records of waste and a few others. The Amendment to the Waste Act will exempt them from the most difficult duties from 2018 onwards.

If you are marketing a 100 kg package in your business for a calendar year, some obligations after the amendment to the Waste Act from 2018 will go away, you will not have to collect, transport, recycle and recycle waste from packaging that you have placed on the market or distributed.

Even after 2018, an entrepreneur marketing the 100 kg of packaging will have to register annually with the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic, keep records on packaging and report the data to the Ministry. Details are provided in Decree No. 366/2015 Coll. on registration duty and reporting obligation.

The abolition of similar obligations as in the case of packaging brings, with effect from 2018, an amendment to the Waste Act to small producers of non-flake products

With the amendment of the Waste Act, with effect from 2018, the smallest businesses who consider themselves non-flake producers to abolish the most demanding obligations.

The administrative obligations of small businesses marketing non-flake products remain after 2018

Termination of the contract with the waste company must be delivered no later than 1 November (60 days before 31 December).